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PainEzee Zynex Nexwave

Brand: Zynex Medical USA
Product Code: ZMPCZM016000
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Rs 20,799.00

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The NexWave incorporates IFC, TENS & NMES in one easy to use device. These three proven modalities have been used for over 30 years to help patients manage their pain symptoms & reduce or eliminate their need for pain medication.

The NexWaves unique 3-modalities-in-1-device is designed to break the pain cycle by:

  •          Managing symptomatic relief of chronic intractable pain, post traumatic and post-surgical pain
  •          Relaxing Muscle Spasms
  •          Increasing local blood circulation
  •          Maintaining or Increasing ROM
  •          Preventing or retarding disuse atrophy
  •          Re-educating muscles

Specifications and Accessories:

Interferential Current (IFC)
Amplitude: 0-50 mA
Channel 1 frequency: 4000 Hz
Channel 2 frequency: 4001- 4128 Hz
I/F Modes: Low-High, Low, Combo
Muscle Mode: 64 Hz, 6 sec. on, 6 sec. off, ramp up 
1 sec., and ramp down 0.5 sec.
Waveforms: Symmetrical biphasic

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
Amplitude: 0-100 mA
Frequency: 1-125 Hz
Pulse Width: 120-300 µs
TENS Modes: Sweep, Low Modulated, High Modulated
Waveform: Symmetrical biphasic

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)

Amplitude: 0-100 mA
Frequency: 35 Hz
Pulse Width: 480 µs
NMES Modes: 30:10, 20:10, 10:10
On-Time: 10 sec.
Off-Time: 30, 20, or 10 sec.
Ramp Up: 3 sec.
Ramp Down: 1 sec.
Waveforms: Symmetrical biphasic

Other Specifications

Treatment timer: 10 to 90 minutes, in 10 minute increments, with no timer setting.
Compliance meter: Records total usage time in minutes and number of times used.

Dimensions: 2.9 x 4.6 x 1.0 in.

Weight: 5.8 oz. including battery.

Warranty: 6 months manufacturer’s warranty on materials and workmanship. 
Accessories excluded.


Lead wires: 104203, lead wire, black, with black pins.
104204, lead wire, gray, with red pins.
Electrodes: 300027, electrodes, 2” diameter, round, Pkg of one electrode.
00, electrodes, sterile, 2” x 2”, square, Pkg of one electrode.
Power supply: 200112, power supply, medical grade, 
input 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 0.5 A max., output 12 VDC, 1.25A max.
Battery: 130010, battery, 9 V, alkaline, MN1604.


US FDA 510K Cleared, CE Marked

ZMPCZM016000.13.01 CE Marked  

ZMPCZM016000.13.02 Department of health & human science - 510K 

ZMPCZM016000.13.03 Certificate of compliance

ZMPCZM016000.13.04 EC Declaration of Conformity NexWave

Clinical Studies:
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1) What are the most common ways for Nexwave to go blank?

A. a) The Nexwave can go blank, if the AC Adapter is unplugged, while the machine is in use. This will make the fuse and some critical components go off.

    b) When Nexwave is dropped on any type of floor both soft and hard, the machine which has several sensitive components get damaged. The LCD screen is not designed to take a drop on concrete or any floor.

2) Where is Nexwave manufactured?

A. Nexwave is manufactured in USA.

3) Can Nexwave be serviced completely in India?

A. No, since many of the components are proprietary, complete servicing is done in USA. Service facilities for small repairs are available in India.

4) Can broken glass of Nexwave be replaced?

A. a) LCD does not take a drop on concrete or any floor. The manufacturer is working in future for a rigid LCD to withstand drops.

    b) The cost of LCD replacement is very expensive, hence precaution to be taken while using Nexwave.

    c) We donot consider warranty repair for a cracked screen knowing that device is dropped or abused.

5) What does warranty cover?

A. Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. The warranty is for 1year from date of purchase.

6) Do we have a provision for a pen electrode with the Nexwave.

A. Nexwave does not have a provision for a pen electrode. We donot provide nor recommend pin point electrodes.

7) What is the type of current in NMES? - Galvanic or Faradic.

A. Glavanic uses constant and direct current, Nexwave is alternating bi phasic current ie. Faradic.

8) How do you differentiate between normal TENS and Nexwave TENS?

A. Normal TENS has the following modes:- Burst and Normal.

Nexwave - has modulated rate and width,- Strength duration and bi-pulse

9)  Is Nexwave FDA cleared.

A. Yes Nexwave is US FDA cleared and has 510 K.

10) Can we use Nexwave NMES as FES?

A. Nexwave is not designed for FES and cannot be used.

11) How is the TENS design within the Nexwave 

A. The NexWave was designed to maximize pain relief for patients by minimizing the common tendency for patients to become accommodated to a TENS treatment (the body becomes accustomed to the treatment signal, which gradually loses its pain relieving effect).  Patients more commonly tend to become accommodated to “Normal” or “Constant” TENS waveforms (i.e., continuous, constant frequency) than to TENS waveforms which are changing.  Since the NexWave was designed to offer three TENS selections, the manufacturer elected to use three Modulated (changing) TENS waveforms, rather than Normal or Constant TENS waveforms.

 The manufacturer has also found that many patients do not feel that Burst mode waveforms are very comfortable.  The use of Burst modes tends to limit patient compliance by limiting the amount of time patients are willing to take TENS therapy sessions.

 In order to maximize the desire of patients to use the TENS modes within the NexWave (maximizing patient compliance), and to minimize the accommodation that can occur (resulting in a decrease in pain relief), the manufacturer has chosen to provide three frequency-modulated, pulse-width-modulated treatment programs within the TENS modality.

12) When was Nexwave Launched ?

A. Nexwave  was launched in September 2011.

13)How many pieces of Nexwave are sold its response world  wide?

A. 120,000 NexWave’s were sold world wide.  Sold mainly in the USA, England, Australia, Poland, Russia, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Turkey, Romania, Malaysia, Vietnam, North Korea, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore and a few more.  

14) Certifications on Nexwave?

A. Nexwave is a US, FDA approved and has also obtained Russian Equivalent of FDA to market in Russia.

15) For how many applications will the Nexwave electrodes stick effectively?

A. The electrodes can be used approximately 10 times, it all depends how well they are cared for and depends on various skin types .Also, most importantly if a small amount of water is applied to the surface of the electrode after each use.

16) Can we use the 9v Alkaline battery available in Indian Market for Nexwave? Would it affect the functioning of the device in any means?

A. It is Perfectly fine to use your 9V batteries for the Nexwave, it will not affect the functioning in any way.

17) what would be the maximum no. where we can go on increasing the intensity '+' button?

A. IFC: 50mA = Push ‘+’ button 50 times. Voltage level @ 50mA into a 1Kohm Load is approximately 40V Peak (80Vpp)

Tens: 100mA = Push ‘+’ button 100 times. Voltage level @ 100mA into a 1Kohm Load is approximately 80V Peak (160Vpp)

NMES: 100mA = Push ‘+’ button 100 times.  Voltage level @ 100mA into a 1Kohm Load is approximately 80V Peak (160Vpp)

18) How does NexWave compare to Analog and Digital TENS devices:?

A. Analog TENS devices: (typically made in the Far East and with no display). Uncontrolled output, unpleasant stimulation, only TENS ability.
Digital TENS devices: (typically has a display..). There are not many devices where IF, TENS and NMES are in one device. 


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