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PainEzee Ad Rem Veinoplus Sport

Brand: Ad Rem Technology France
Product Code: ZMPCAR051000
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Your Recovery & Performance Partner

An innovative product used by over 150 Atheletes during London Olympics - 22 Medal winners used Veinoplus Sport.

VEINOPLUS® Sport is an electro-myostimulator stemming from medical research and cooperation with top athletes. In a couple of words...

  • A major innovation in sport recovery
  • A recovery equivalent to active recovery,
  • Clinically proven results on performance,
  • Exclusive and patented Second Heart® Technology,
  • Efficiency endorsed by professionals in all sports

An innovative and patented electro-myostimulation technology which enables to use "naturally" the muscular pumps to optimize the recovery in sports, Veinoplus® Sport allows you to access to the best recovery bringing advantages of an active recovery in a situation equivalent to still rest or passive recovery.

Depending on type and intensity of your sport practice, you can choose between 2 complementary modalities of recovery: "whole-body" recovery and local recovery.

"Whole-body" recovery:

  • Applied on calf muscles, Veinoplus Sport activates the "whole-body" recovery:
  • Faster elimination of metabolites accumulated during an effort (lactate)
  • Faster return to initial pH

Increase of blood circulation (arterial inflow and venous return)

"Local" recovery :

  • Used in conjunction with "whole-body" recovery, Veinoplus Sport targets specific muscles involved in your sport, for an optimal recovery.
  • Draining effect on post-trauma edema and faster restoration of hematomas.
  • Faster local elimination of metabolites by increasing arterial blood inflow containing nutrients and oxygen.

Veinoplus Sport decreases post-exercise muscle soreness related to muscular micro-trauma and accumulation of metabolites during the effort.

Veinoplus Sport local recovery modality can be adapted to each sport's specificity.

Approvals - CE Marked.


  • A major innovation in sport recovery
  • A recovery equivalent to active recovery,
  • Clinically proven results on performance,
  • Exclusive and patented Second Heart® Technology,
  • Efficiency endorsed by professionals in all sports


·         Muriel Hurtis

              French national team of athletics

“I often use Veinoplus Sport on calves for a whole-body recovery. Sometimes, I use it on hamstrings, when I feel muscle soreness, and it really helps me a lot. Every evening, after my training session, I use Veinoplus Sport for a better recovery. It accelerates my recovery and I can perform better at training. During contests, I use the device while travelling, before a race or between two events. It improves my muscles oxygenation and helps me feel better.”

·         Gévrise Emane

          French national team of Judo:

Veinoplus Sport enables me to recover better, especially on the lower limbs. I have to loose weight for contests so I run regularly. When jogging and training sessions are in a row, it causes an overload on my legs. Using Veinoplus Sport right after the effort leads to an optimal recovery. It is efficient on forearms, which is highly requested in Judo. The action of arms is important (extension, traction, isometrics, contraction) and the power struggle against the opponent is such that arms and forearms are quickly saturated. Recovery is crucial for a top athlete... So Veinoplus Sport is essential. I use it during each competition and also during training sessions.”

·         Benoit Holzerny


         “With VeinoPlus Sport, I have discovered a very efficient electro stimulation method

Easy-to-use, convenient to carry and very efficient, VeinoPlus Sport has become essential during my travels. During a 3 weeks coaching training, I used VeinoPlus Sport mostly on the calves in the afternoon, in order to recover from my personal training and my physical training activities in the morning. VeinoPlus Sport enabled me to better assimilate those training sessions and to optimize my recovery, despite the hot weather, the sandy paths and the roads. The next steps of my preparation: 2-3 weeks in the mountains, where VeinoPlus Sport will be my recovery partner!! I will update my testimonial about the use of the device during more intense training sessions.”

·         Christophe Jallet

2012/2013: French League 1 Champion, Champions League: Quarter Finals “I use Veinoplus since two seasons, to recover after the matches or the trainings. Easy to use and to carry, it allows me to recover faster, while remaining seated, for example during coach travels. I start to feel its benefits since a few minutes of use. Its little extra: Veinoplus is very effective to relieve painful areas after a kick!”

·         Steeve Guenot

          French national team of wrestling

“Veinoplus Sport helps me recover during the training. I use it on my legs and sometimes on my arms after heavy sessions to recover locally on these muscles (biceps, forearms ...) I apply it immediately after training and once in the evening at home, while watching a movie. The Veinoplus has a real recovery effect; I feel more relaxed and light. I use it while travelling as well in order to avoid the feeling of heavy legs.”

·         Anne-Caroline Graffe

          French Team of taekwondo

“Veinoplus changed my vision of electro-stimulation. I was not a fan of this kind of devices and since I tried Veinoplus, it never leaves me anymore. It's handy and functional so I put in my bag and take it everywhere with me. I can use it both during transport time or training and even in competition time. During competitions, we have at least 4 or 5 fights per day and I use it as soon as possible after the fights in order to maximize the benefits. In Taekwondo we sometimes get hurt which prevents us from doing our recovery jog. I can replace it just by sitting with Veinoplus! Finally I noticed that it is really effective to reduce soreness. I apply the electrodes locally on the quads and the hamstrings for better recovery of these muscles.”

·         Yoann Bagot

          Cofidis Pro Cycling Team

“Veinoplus Sport is by my side daily, at training or during contests. Here is how a contest is organized: after my training on Friday, I use Veinoplus Sport to recover soon after the effort. I take the plane the day after, and then I train during 2 hours. I sometimes have water retention and heavy legs problems due to transports. So I do 1 or 2 sessions of Veinoplus Sport before massage... These negatives effects are decreased and it gives me muscle tone again. I do another session in the bus before the race start, and then another session while coming back at the hotel after the race!"

·         Marlène Harnois

          French national team of taekwondo

“Veinoplus Sport has allowed me optimizing my travels. I often arrive a few days before the competition. It is therefore important to be immediately ready. Since I've been using Veinoplus Sport during my travels, I feel like I had a jog recovery sensation and my legs feel much lighter. Then Veinoplus Sport accompanied me during my preparation for the Games in order to recover between workouts but also during competition days where I used it between fights to recover better and increase my chances of winning! “

·         Maxime Beaumont

          French Team of Canoe Kayak-Flatwater

“I am very satisfied with Veinoplus Sport. It has accompanied me throughout London Olympics. It really optimizes recovery. If weather is inclement, it replaces canoe active recovery."

·         Maeva Mellier

          French national team of taekwondo

“Veinoplus Sport helps me recover from my workouts. During preparation periods, we sometimes have 4 training sessions per day. Veinoplus Sport allows me to optimize my recovery time between sessions. I recover better and I am more effective during my sessions.”

·         Tony Estanguet

"When my trainer introduced Veinoplus Sport to me, a small, simple and easy to use device to improve my recovery, I was OK to try it. I used it during Olympic games preparation, to be at my best level and facilitate my regeneration. I also used it between qualification rounds, because active recovery is difficult to set up in our sport."

·         Emilie Fer

          French national team of Canoe-Kayak

“I think Veinoplus Sport is handy and user-friendly, which is a key point for me. It enables me to spend less time in the water for recovery, and I appreciate that. A 30 minutes session of Veinoplus Sport fits easily in my training and “recharges" my batteries. I also feel like it has a calming effect. Even if it is not a systematic habit yet, it is always in my bag for trainings or contests."

·         Romain Lemarchand

          Cofidis Pro Cycling Team

“I am very satisfied with Veinoplus Sport. I use it for recovery after a race or a training session, and also during travels. The stimulations provide me with a well-being sensation and help the venous return. My legs are less heavy (which is essential during our frequent travels), and the recovery is improved. I am use to stimulate as soon as the training or the race is over. We generally have a bus transfer after the stages. Veinoplus Sport enables to start sooner the recovery, before continuing it with a massage at the hotel. The masseur work is facilitated since the toxins have already been drained by Veinoplus Sport.”

·         Mélonin Noumonvi

           French national team of wrestling

"I use Sport Veinoplus at least once a day. It helps eliminate toxins faster. After Veinoplus use, my legs feel lighter. This is really effective and I feel that I recover better and faster."  


·         Tarik Belmadani

          French national team of wrestling

“During training time, Veinoplus has become indispensable. During the last training in Cuba for example I put it on the plane to avoid heavy legs and between workouts. It allows me to recover faster, feel better and it helps me do better during training. I apply it on both upper body and leg muscles. It is a device that I recommend because I am convinced of its effectiveness, and between athletes, we must share the good tips.”

·         Florianne Liborio

          French national team of taekwondo

“I recommend Veinoplus Sport to all sportsmen and sportswomen, whatever their level of practice. Recovery is essential and this device helps me to recover locally on affected muscles (quads, hamstrings...), and also generally when it is applied on calves. It is really efficient. Veinoplus Sport relieves the fatigue sensation due to travels. My legs are much lighter and I can enter the contest more quickly. When I use Veinoplus Sport during flights, it is as effective as a regeneration training session!"

·         Julien Bartoli

          32sd Marathon of Paris 2013

"Veinoplus Sport gives me well-being after each session, day after day. Since the first use, I felt the benefits from global recovery (on the calves), and also on other muscles during more specific and more intense training sessions.” "Veinoplus Sport gives me more energy to have several training sessions in a row, and I feel "fresher" for the specific sessions.”

“Veinoplus Sport matches well with my expectations: easy-to-use, fast program, accelerated recovery, lightweight device, good autonomy.”

“Convenient to carry and small, I take it with me during my travels and at work. I can do without it!! Now it belongs to my preparations for Semi-Marathon et Marathon."

·         Mounir Obbadi

          Soccer player - ligue 2

“I started using Veinoplus two seasons ago. I use it daily, mostly on calves when I feel tired. One year ago, I started having venous return problems, so I use it more often since then. I sometimes apply it during half-times. I really helps me to recover, and I feel much better after a Veinoplus session.”

·         Fabrice Nsakala

“I often use Veinoplus after a trauma, on the affected muscular group. I relieves the pain and drains the edema. I also use the device after the games, to feel lighter and eliminate the toxins faster.”

·         Boris Neveu

          Kayak Worl and Europe Vice Champion 2009

“As far as I am concerned, I have been using Veinoplus Sport depuis since 2 seasons after trainings, during contests or long travels. It enables to optimize my recovery, and better endure workloads, or "regenerate" during a contest. Easy-to use, comfortable and efficient, it has become an indispensable tool for my preparation."

·         Emilien Jacquelin

“I have been using Veinoplus Sport for several months. Since the beginning, it enabled me to better recover after summer training sessions, which are long and physically-demanding. I was surprised the day after a hard session of muscle-building exercises, when nearly all my colleagues had muscle soreness except me! As far as I am concerned, its 30 minutes program and its ease of use enabled my muscles to recover faster and better. I highly recommend Veinoplus Sport to all endurance sportsmen, for muscle strength is one of the key to performance. In top level sports, recovery is essential, but sometimes it is impaired by poor weather conditions or other factors. Veinoplus Sport is the solution! It is also very useful during long travel in coach or flights."

·         Technical and medical staff

          Aurélien Gauthier

“I frequently use Veinoplus in professional football players. I often use it when players have an external muscular trauma: this device enables to drain the consecutive edema. Veinoplus is also useful for relieving of joint effusion: when placing the electrode on the muscular group, the affected joint is drained. I also recommend it to improve venous return and achieve a better recovery after the games, during car travelling or flights. It’s an efficient device with strong draining effect, and it is very easy-to-use.”

·         François During

          Canoe Kayak - Flatwater - French Team

“Following the studies carried out by INSEP, I started using Veinoplus Sport for recovery in athletes after "lactic" workouts. Quickly, they have been convinced by the device benefits for recovery. Today, most of the French team paddlers use Veinoplus sport after intense trainings or between races during international events. They use it on calves for a "whole-body" recovery and sometimes on upper limbs for a "local" recovery.”

·         Nicolas Boisson

          Trainer Project BTWIN U19 Racing Team

“I discovered Veinoplus technology when I was a cyclist, and I was convinced from the start. Very small, you can use in a car, on a plane, in front of your computer or you TV. The single program of this device is a strong point, as it is really easy-to-use yet efficient. Applied on calves or tights, you will optimize your recovery after training or a contest. Veinoplus Sport also gives you a sensation similar to massage, which is important for the psychological aspect. Today, as I am a trainer, I highly recommend Veinoplus Sport to my cyclists, because I think it is a very useful tool that you must have in your bag at anytime.”

·         Pascal Gohier

          Physiotherapist, French Basketball Team

“Since two years, French Basketball Team men players could benefit from Veinoplus Sport, especially during the 2013 Euro campaign. Thanks to its simplicity of use, we gave one device to each player, since the preparation until the end of the competition in Slovenia.” In general, Veinoplus was applied at the end of the day, during recovery sessions. During the preparation phase, Veinoplus recovery was proposed after the two daily training sessions, along with massages and cryotherapy. During the competition phase, we have associated it with other rehabilitation and manual therapy techniques, in order to treat several muscular pathologies, myofascial lesions, contusions...and increase the venous return.


·         Simplicity of use, rapidity of action and strong effects of the device should enable us to use it for other situations than rehabilitation during the next competitions. We are thinking about using it on the most active players at half-times. To conclude, Veinoplus Sport is recognized as an true asset for top-athletes physiotherapy.


·         Patrice Mourier

         Wrestling - French Team

“I recommend using Veinoplus in several situations: between trainings, during competitions AND during transport. At our first preparation stage in Cuba, I asked my team to use Veinoplus during the flight, in order to efficiently start the workout as soon as the arrival. They were also told to use it immediately after training sessions and in the evening. I saw a real efficiency in recovery. This device is really useful during the diet period, two weeks before the competition. It is a physically-demanding period, and Veinoplus helps the wrestlers to recover better.”


·         Romain Poite

          International Rugby Referee

“As an International Rugby referee, I have been using VEINOPLUS SPORT since a few months, after and also before a game! I use it within 2 hours before the kick-off, and it gives me a real well-being sensation, as my legs do not become heavy. No matter the game level, it is very useful, particularly during the Six Nations Tournament, which was physically demanding for the players...and the referees! After the games, I saw a real improvement in my recovery process. Sincerely, this device is efficient, while being extremely simple!”

·         Sebastien Lebris

           Physiotherapist, Field hockey French Team

“Veinoplus Sport is used when French team players gather. During this time, players use it daily for recovery. They also use it systematically after matches, and I applied it on haematomas this summer. So I can say that we use Veinoplus Sport very regularly!”

·         Sylvain Curinier

          Trainer of Tony Estanguet and Emilie Fer

“We used Veinoplus Sport during London Olympic Games preparation. The key point was to improve the recovery velocity after the training session on the Olympics water stadium, which was physically-demanding. We also used it between semi-finals games and final games, because it can be applied during video analysis. Veinoplus Sport is user-friendly and convenient; it can be combined with the other recovery modalities we use to speed up recovery. Today, it is always in our baggage for stages and contests.”

·         Thibaut Trameau

           Physical Trainer of French Skiing Team

"As a physical trainer, I try to optimize the athlete training and monitoring. Our training conditions are very difficult due to long travels and the completion calendar which is very busy during winter season.

              I ask the athletes to Veinoplus Sport during

- Training periods (June to October) in order to better take in the important physical and technical workloads.

- Contests (November to April), as we travel all around the world (Argentina, United States, Finland and the rest of Europe) by car or plane.

We also apply Veinoplus Sport between two runs of a race, in order to eliminate the lactic acid faster. We can say that this device is part of our useful tools, used daily by the athletes of the French team!”

·         Vincent Marie

          Physiotherapist, Le Havre Athletic Club Football (2006 - 2013)

“During the last season of French League 2, in agreement with the trainer, I used the device during half-time (4 to 9 minutes). It enabled the players to start the second half-time in better conditions, to extend their effort and avoid cramps, at the end of the game and during the transports. I highly recommend the use of Veinoplus Sport for its physiological effects on the player recovery.”



·         Keith Burley

          Race Across Europe - Phoenix Team

“The Race Across Europe is the most difficult non-stop cycle race in the world, covering almost 3,000 miles and over 50,000 metres of climbing. Team Phoenix is comprised of four men who have cycled for less than a year and entered to challenge themselves and to raise money for charity. The team cycled in relay, changing cyclists every 50 miles, riding day and night and never stopping. The team was not comprised of elite athletes with years of training and one of our main worries was recovery between the rides. Veinoplus Sport was used by two riders, with the other two choosing to use traditional recovery techniques of recovery drinks and self massage. I was one who used the Veinoplus Sport, and I found it incredible.”

“I am fifty years old and have not competed in anything strenuous for many years, but by using the Veinoplus Sport I was able not only to keep up with the much younger members of the team but also to step in and cover them when they were not able to ride due to poor recovery. In the end I completed 34% of the miles 9% more than I should have and recovered after the race much quicker. The other rider using the Veinoplus Sport also had fewer problems at the end of the race. During the race I strained one of my calf muscles, an injury I have suffered previously, using the venioplus allowed me to recover from this in my downtime between ridings.”

I still use the Veinoplus Sport almost on a daily basis as I continue to train and grow stronger. I would unreservedly recommend the Veinoplus Sport to any sports person wanting to recover quicker and better from exercise or from minor injuries."

·         Richard Guelin

“I regularly use VEINOPLUS SPORT to improve my recovery after long or intense training sessions, or even after a race, so I can train sooner. At almost 50 years, my muscle fibres are not so strong, recovery has become crucial, in order to decrease the risk of injuries. After years of road races from 10km to 100km (100km of Milllau, several marathons: New York, Paris, Barcelone, and French marathon championships in 2009...), I progressively chose trails. Since 2010, I have participated to Mont Blanc marathon, Ecotrail 50km, Saintelyon, and also to 50 miles races (La traversé de la Vanoise, 80km of Mont Blanc, Infernal Trail 72 des Vosges, Trail des Allobroges...) with the UTMB 2014 as a goal. At the end of this season I ;ve done three 80 km trails autour de 80km with positive height difference from 3000 to 6000m, in 4 months. VEINOPLUS SPORT has become a valuable ally to go to the distance, because micro-trauma due to mountain races makes the recovery essential!To conclude, VEINOPLUS SPORT is an efficie

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1.How does VEINOPLUS® Sport work ?

VEINOPLUS® Sport is neuromuscular electro-stimulator in conformity with the European Directive 94/42/EEC concerning Medical Devices (CE class IIa) which delivers electrical impulses of low frequency and low intensity.

2 . Is VEINOPLUS® Sport technology safe ?

VEINOPLUS® Sport is one of the safest existing electro-stimulators; it complies with the most stringent standard in electro-stimulation established by the US standard (/AAMI/ANSI NS-4 1986/2002. It delivers to the body a very low quantity of energy and enables to use only two electrodes where most of stimulators need four electrodes our more.

3 .What are the contra-indications of VEINOPLUS® Sport ?

VEINOPLUS® Sport must not be used by persons with implanted cardiac pacemakers or defibrillators. Please refer to Instruction Manual for warnings.

4 .Is VEINOPLUS® Sport efficacy evidence-based ?

Two clinical studies made in France with INSEP (French Institute for Sport and Performance) have shown the efficacy of VEINOPLUS® Sport on sport recovery and restoration of performance.

5 . Why using VEINOPLUS® Sport in sport recovery ?

Thanks to its optimized signal VEINOPLUS® Sport provides you with a unique solution for a good recovery after your effort and this whatever the type of sport during training or competition.

6 . Is VEINOPLUS® Sport being used for recovery in international competitions ?

Absolutely, despite being very new the VEINOPLUS® Sport technology is already used by a lot of top athletes for their recovery in international competitions (European Championships, World Championships, London games etc).

7 . Why making a difference between "global" recovery and "local " recovery ?

The “Global” recovery is a “systemic” recovery aiming to eliminate or transform lactates produced during exercise whereas a “local” recovery aims more specifically the muscles which have been involved during exercise and which have accumulated fatigue. When electrodes are positioned on the calves (ie the Second Heart®) VEINOPLUS® Sport enables a very effective “global recovery” which is equivalent in tests to an active recovery at about 30% VO2 max.

After an exercise which needs lower limbs (like cycling, running)  the VEINOPLUS® Sport recovery combines the advantages of a “global” recovery accelerating the elimination of lactates and those of a “local” recovery bringing blood with oxygen to the muscles which have been involved in the activity and improving venous return of these muscles.


8 . Can VEINOPLUS® Sport exempt you from an active recovery ?

VEINOPLUS® Sport can be an easy alternative to active recovery when the latter is not possible, but effects can vary according to the sports, the type and the length of the tests. In addition VEINOPLUS® Sport will allow a recovery without using your reserves in glycogen.

9 . When to use VEINOPLUS® Sport ?

VEINOPLUS® Sport can be used in all sports generating lactic acid, a muscular fatigue and also in sports with leading to a significant venous stasis due to a long standing position. VEINOPLUS® Sport is also especially recommended during transport when legs are immobilized in sitting position (trips in bus train, plane).

10.- Why to use VEINOPLUS® Sport versus other recovery methods ?

A good recovery shall encompass several techniques depending upon the effort which has been made and the time available for recovery including: hydration, food, electro-stimulation with VEINOPLUS® Sport, stretching, massages, immersion, compression, rest etc. Using VEINOPLUS® Sport is using an evidenced-based technique, with results shown in comparative tests with other methods of recovery.

11 . Can VEINOPLUS® Sport be used during short-term recovery periods ?

Absolutely VEINOPLUS® Sport will enable an acceleration of the recovery and a diminution of the risk of cramps. VEINOPLUS® Sport is used during half-time eg in football matches by French teams of the French Leagues 1&2.

12 . Can VEINOPLUS® Sport be used in a subject with metallic implants ?

There is no contra-indication to use VEINOPLUS® Sport in persons with metallic implants.

13 . Which batteries to use ?

Use only alkaline or rechargeable 9V batteries type 6LR61 (or equivalent e.g. 6LF22, AM6, MN1604).

14 . When to replace the electrodes ?

Used electrodes shall be replaced as soon as have dried up or do not stick any more, generally after 20 or 30 uses.


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