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PainEzee PEMF Device – Back

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PEMF Device® is a drug-free micro medical device that uses pulsed shortwave therapy to reduce pain and inflammation. Previously, this safe and effective therapy was only available in clinics and hospitals. This new micro device provides extended duration treatment that metabolically stimulates the injured cells to push them through the inflammation and pain phase of healing. Traditional medications and hot and cold products do provide short term relief but at risk of hazardous side effects. PEMF Device’s only side effect is healing and sustained relief. The ActiPatch Back Pain Relief Therapy product can be used on your lower and upper back and shoulders to reduce pain and inflammation.Find more information on the ActiPatch BioDynamic Therapy.

Medical Innovation Award Winner - Medical Innovation Award winner by Wall Street Journal in the year 2009.

Approvals - Health Canada Approved.

Clinically Proven for various medical conditions.

Back Pain Relief Treatment - PEMF Device

30-Day Continuous Pain Relief

  • Quickly relieves pain and inflammation
  • Hospital technology, now for home use
  • Patented technology
  • Drug-free

What’s included?

1 Back Wrap
ActiPatch Back Pain Therapy
Back Wrap Dimensions: 
Length 41”, Expands to 52”, Width 4”
1 PEMF Device
Back Pain Relief without Drugs

How to use your PEMF:

Center the device over the source of your pain and wear the ActiPatch until your pain and swelling are gone. For maximum relief wear the ActiPatch continuously for 24 hours a day until healed, minimum 8 hours or overnight. The ActiPatch Back Kit can be turned on and off as needed.

PEMF is safe for elderly, diabetic, arthritic and cardiovascular compromised patients.
PEMF is safe on open wounds.


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1) How does the ActiPatch product work?
The ActiPatch is a miniaturized medical device that delivers continuous electromagnetic therapy to restore damaged cells. When applied, our BioDynamic Therapy quickly relieves edema, inflammation and pain, providing patient comfort while reducing bruising and speeding up the onset of natural healing.
2) Is ActiPatch a magnet?
No. ActiPatch is not a magnet. It is a battery operation pulsed electromagnetic medical device. When activated, ActiPatch gently pulses a low level energy into the injured area.
3) Is BioDynamics Therapy clinically proven?
Yes! This technology is currently used in hospitals around the world to help patients recover after surgery. In addition, it has been proven in numerous clinical studies by medical professionals.
4) What will I feel?
Only better! You will not feel heat nor will you feel the low level energy that is gently pulsed into the cells to heal damaged tissue. For maximum relief wear the ActiPatch continuously for 24 hours a day until healed, minimum 8 hours or overnight. Center the device over the source of your pain and wear the ActiPatch until your pain and swelling are gone. The patented technology is specifically designed to deliver healing therapy without any sensation whatsoever to maximize your comfort and convenience.
5) Is ActiPatch safe?
Yes! ActiPatch is drug free and has no side effects. ActiPatch can be worn by diabetics, arthritics, the elderly and bedridden. The technology has been used for decades in hospitals to help patients recover faster after surgery. The ActiPatch technology is small enough to be available to you at your home or on the go.
6) How long does the product last?
The ActiPatch Back Pain Relief, Knee Pain Relief, Heel Pain Relief and Wrist Pain Relief products last for 720 hours, and can be turned on and off as needed. The ActiPatch Smart Insole last for 7 days of continuous therapy.
7) Can I replace the battery?
No. The ActiPatch is a disposable medical device and should be replaced when the battery life has ended. The ActiPatch can be disposed of in ordinary trash.
8) Can I wear the device on other areas of my body?
Yes. ActiPatch is effective in treating all musculoskeletal pain. It is also offered in Wrist, Heel, and Knee systems as well. The ActiPatch Back product has also commonly been used to help people with shoulder pain and hip pain. The ActiPatch Wrist product can also be used for the elbow and the ankle. You can also wear more than one ActiPatch at a time.
9) How does the device stay on my body?
The ActiPatch Back product includes a very comfortable light elastic belt that is fastened with Velcro. The ActiPatch Wrist and Knee products include a Velcro wrap and a sleeve for adhering. You could also remove the ActiPatch device from the wraps and use medical grade tape to adhere to your body.
10) How close to the body should I wear the ActiPatch?
The ActiPatch should be placed as close to the skin as possible. The therapy will also be effective through light clothing.
11) When will my ActiPatch product arrive?
Free Shipping can take up to 10 business days for your order to arrive. However, we offer other express shipping methods if you need your order faster.
12) Does ActiPatch really work?
Yes! Over 500,000 units have already been sold worldwide, and hospitals are currently using the technology to help patients recover after surgery. The technology is so advanced, the Wall Street Journal named it one of the top medical innovations of 2009!


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