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PainEzee Advanced Back Technologies Extentrac Elite

Brand: Advanced Back Technologies,Inc USA
Product Code: ZMPCAT091000
Availability: Out Of Stock

Extentrac Elite is a patented, FDA cleared, multi-functional therapeutic device for treatment of patients suffering

From severe low back pain and sciatica due to:

  • Protruding or Herniated Intervertebral Discs
  • Acute Facet Problems
  • Degenerative Disc Disease

The world’s Most Versatile Therapeutic Device

Beginning with the concept that no one specific treatment method, patient position, or protocol fits all patient needs,

Extentrac Elite has been designed to provide the broadest range of capabilities, including:

  • Hands-on manual therapy and/or automated treatments
  • M3D Patient Positioning - Vertical or horizontal, in either the prone or supine position, flexion-distraction,

        Extension, lateral flexion, and rotational circumduction

  • Axial and multi-directional disc decompression

This unique range of capabilities allows the clinician to decide the best course of treatment, based upon evidence-based

Single treatment protocols*, combinations of treatment protocols, and/or M3D protocols developed specifically for the Extentrac Elite.

ZMPCAT091000.07.01 Dr David F Cuccia Explains M3D Theory - ExtenTrac Elite

ZMPCAT091000.07.02 ExtenTrac Elite Promo Video

ZMPCAT091000.07.03 Extentrac Elite M3D

ZMPCAT091000.07.04 ExtenTrac Elite - Sports Physiothrapist in Athens, Greece

ZMPCAT091000.07.05 ExtenTrac Elite in Socchi, Russia

ZMPCAT091000.07.06  ExtenTrac Elite M3D - Orthopedic Hospital, Korea

ZMPCAT091000.07.07 ExtenTrac Elite M3D - Physical Therapist

ZMPCAT091000.07.08 Extentrac Elite M3D- Beirut, Lebanon

ZMPCAT091000.07.09 ExtenTrac Elite- Neurologist in Socchi, Russia

ZMPCAT091000.11.01 Results you can see

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Q: How much time is taken for each treatment?

A: Unlike devices with limited capability and protocol options, Extentrac Elite’s versatility provides for a broad range of treatment options based upon the clinician’s determination of the appropriate protocol(s) best suited to individual patient need. Some patients are best treated with manual therapy, some automated decompression, and some both. Treatment times typically vary from 10 minutes to 20 minutes, with the overall average being approximately 15 minutes.

Q: How many treatments are typical for each patient?

A: Number of treatments is determined by the clinician based upon individual patient need. The typical range is 10-20 treatments per patient, with 20 being for those patients presenting more severe pathology, such as spinal stenosis, multi-level disc herniations, and severe degenerative disc & joint disease. Patients with less severe cases achieve desired results in fewer than 10 treatments. The average for a given clinician will depend upon the patient diagnosis mix with the overall average being approximately 12.

Q: Why is M3D patient positioning important for disc decompression therapy?

A: With Extentrac Elite, patient positioning for treatment goes beyond the traditional “one position fits all” concept. While the linear axial position is an appropriate treatment position for certain spinal conditions, the vertebral column is a three-dimensional structure housing a network of spinal nerves. In many cases, the typical herniation/protrusion which impinges upon a nerve root is not central, but is lateral or medial. Therefore achieving the optimal antalgia position prior to and during decompression often requires three-dimensional positioning.


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