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PainEzee Prosupports Pro-Back

Brand: Medolutions USA
Product Code: ZMPCML041000
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Rs 2,499.00

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Live Back Pain Free!

At last there is real relief for people who suffer from low back pain. If your enjoyment of life has been restricted, keeping you from gardening, golf or playing with your children or grandchildren, the Pro-Back could change the way you experience each day.

The Pro-Back is a revolutionary breakthrough in back pain relief that can change the way you experience each day. Imagine a drug free – effective – solution for your back pain. The Pro-Back uses simple yet very effective design architecture, which combines Counter-Force pressure together with a Bio Dome that fits in the small of the back. Together these features reduce the strain on the muscles and other pain sensitive structures in the lower.

Medical Conditions - Lumbar Orthosis, sagittal control, with rigid anterior and posterior panels, posterior extends from L-1 to below L-5, vertebra, produces intracavitary pressure to reduce load on the intervertebral discs, includes straps, closures, may include padding, shoulder straps, pendulous abdomen design, prefabricated includes fitting and adjustment.

Patented - U.S. Patent number 5,443,697.

US FDA registered as a Non-invasive medical device.

Clinically Proven - Pilot clinical study demonstrated that Pro-Back changed muscle tone of key endurance muscles by an average of 46% to relieve pain and help restore function.

Awards – Proo-Back has been awarded the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations Seal of Approval as a product deemed to have exceptional value to the chiropractic profession and their patients.

Pro-Back Product Sizes and Configuration feature adjustable straps that allow it to conveniently fit patients with waist sizes up to 50".

  • Standard Size Pro-Back (BB200) fits from a 22" to a 50" Waist Size
  • Packaging includes the Pro-Back and Fitting Instructions.


  • Lumbar Orthosis,
  • Sagittal control, with rigid anterior and posterior panels,
  • Posterior extends from L-1 to below L-5, vertebra,
  • Produces intracavitary pressure to reduce load on the intervertebral discs,
  • Includes straps, closures, may include padding, shoulder straps,
  • Pendulous abdomen design, prefabricated
  • Includes fitting and adjustment.
  • Designed, assembled and quality inspected in the USA
  • Based upon a medical grade (reimbursed) brace prescribed by tens of thousands of physicians within the USA
  • Lightweight; weighs less than 10 oz. (283.49 grams)
  • Adjustable straps allow you to easily adjust ProBack providing a perfect fit for maximum efficacy
  • Small size allows ProBack to be worn discreetly under clothing and comfortably during almost any activity
  • Focused abdominal engagement and lumbar support immediately relieves and helps prevent back pain.
  • Promotes improved posture and mobility.

ZMPCML041000.07.01 ProBack Pain Relief Brace Introduction

ZMPCML041000.07.02 Medlutions Bio-back English Testimonials

ZMPCML041000.07.03 Medlutions Bio - Back English Intro

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Q. When do I wear the ProBack?

A. That depends on your problem. You should wear the ProBack when you are having back pain, because it will reduce your back pain. You can also wear it when you will be doing something that may cause back pain, to help prevent back pain. If you frequently wake up with a sore or aching back, you may even want to wear it while you sleep, so you can wake up refreshed and ready to go each morning. However, your doctor may advise you when to wear the ProBack and for how long.

Q. What size does the ProBack come in?

A. The panels do not come in different sizes. The straps come in two different sizes. One size fits up to a 50 inch waist size and the other size fits up to a 78 inch waist size.

Q. Can I wear the ProBack to bed?

A. Yes, you can wear it while sleeping and it will help you wake up refreshed and without back pain or stiffness.

Q. How many hours per day should I wear the ProBack?

A. There is no set number of hours. We suggest that you wear the ProBack if you are in back pain.  Or in order to improve your posture and mobility, while also relieving low back pain. We also recommend that you wear it if you are going to do something you know may cause back pain in order to help prevent recurrence of your back pain.

Q. How do I wear the ProBack?

A. The ProBack should be worn comfortably tight. The tighter you wear it the greater the benefit, but it should not be uncomfortable to sit or perform activities. The back panel (the panel containing the dome), should be centered with the dome in the small your back and the front panel centered on your stomach. The straps should be as tight as you can make them while still being comfortable. You may want to adjust the ProBack panels up or down to find the most comfortable place to wear it for you.

Q. In the home country, USA, how was the performance of ProBack brace?

The majority of Medolutions, USA sales efforts have been focused on sales through (reimbursed markets) physicians and medical suppliers. They have sold more than 144,000 units since inception with ProBack/BioBack. 


Q. Can any person (suffering from back pain) wear this ProBack brace?

ProBack can be worn my almost anyone to achieve relief from back pain, to help prevent back pain or simply to achieve improved posture (or for any combination thereof). It should be worn comfortably tight. 

Q. Are any persons are restricted to wear, if yes, what are the circumstances?  

That said, the following people should probably check with their physician or medical professional: 

  • Anyone who is pregnant; 
  • Anyone who has had a recent surgery impacting the abdominal or lumbar region of the body; 
  • Anyone who has a known medical condition which might be impacted by use of ProBack, which might include but are not necessarily limited to: 
    • tumors, 
    • wounds, or 
    • recent surgical cuts/scars in the abdominal or lumbar regions, 
    • high blood pressure
    • abdominal aneurysms 

If in doubt, a person should discuss use with a medical professional.

Q. What is the normal usage procedure like, wear 3-8 hours a day till pain is relieved or can one wear regularly even if there is no pain?

There are no standards for use of a back brace. Each person’s condition can be different. We recommend that people use the ProBack when they are in pain or when they are doing an activity known to trigger pain. The extent of use really varies. Some people wear the ProBack all day (while working or being active), while others wear it only periodically during certain activities. They should wear it as long as it is comfortable and it’s helping. We’ve found that each person figures out the frequency and duration that is appropriate for them with use. 

Q. When one can expect relief after wearing ProBack?
Some people get immediate relief, while some people need to wear it over a period of time. Every condition is different and can have different levels of severity. For some, regular use has helped keep their spine in a proper alignment and helps prevent pain, so they tend to wear it (on average) once or twice a week for anywhere from 1 to 6 hours (as needed).

Q. Can ProBack guarantee pain relief? 
No product can. However, we have found that when people are not seeing optimal results, they have not fitted the ProBack properly or worn it tight enough.  In an independent clinical survey of a pain management clinic, 78% of chronic back pain suffers reported pain relief, 73% reported pain prevention while 84% reporting they would recommend the ProBack/BioBack.

Q. Can one wear ProBack at night while sleeping?
Yes, you can wear the ProBack when sleeping. We have done so many times. You really can wear the ProBack for almost any activity. Its small size allows for near total mobility, while providing support and encouraging ergonomically proper movement. ProBack can be worn during almost any activity

Q. How big is the Global and USA Brace Market?

  • Global Orthopedic Brace Market (all types of braces/supports) $3.20 Billion USD;
  • Total US Orthopedic Brace Market (again all types) $1.13 Billion USD; 
  • US Spinal Braces (all types of spinal braces(1)) $181.2 Million USD;  (1) This US Spinal brace market estimate includes a number of braces that cover the spine from the neck to the sacrum, of which ProBack/BioBack are lower back specific. 
  • Our estimate, of the comparative market value, regarding ProBack/BioBack sales for 2014 was 13.4% of the US Spinal Brace Market (with sales of more than 60,000 BioBack/ProBack braces). In the past, the U.S. and North America have dominated the brace market demand with an estimated 47.4% share of the market. However, we anticipate that emerging markets, which includes India, will have substantially growing demand over the coming years. 


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