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PainEzee Kwikheat Back Warmer

Brand: Blightywares Ltd UK
Product Code: ZMPCAB027000
Availability: In Stock
Rs 1,950.00

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Back Pain – So Many People Have Problems with Their Back. Shooting Pains, Sharp Twinges, Dull Aches, Stiffness And Inflexibility. You Might Be Pregnant, Overweight Or Very Tall. You Might Have Lifted Something Heavy (Like Your New Wife Over The Threshold, Or An Excessively Generous Birthday Present). You Might Sit In Chairs, Cars And Planes For Too Long And Start Slouching. Often You Just Learn To Live With The Pain And Resign Yourself To Not Going Out Too Much Or Doing Anything Too Energetic.

Well we say no more of this! Our Back Warmer is designed to gently cover your lower back with a therapeutic heat until your pain melts away. It comes with a pouch so that you can strap the heat pack into place and get on with your day, leaving your hands free. That means you can move around, go outside, play sport, see friends – whatever you couldn’t do before! You know your back and you know when it starts to give you warning signs that all is not well today. Now you can pre-empt any problems with a generous dose of heat therapy from your Kwikheat Back Warmer, even if you’re stuck in a car or out on a walk. Being cold is no fun either, especially if you have a bad back. A heat pack strapped under your sweater and jacket will keep your whole back warm for an hour or more. You’ll soon be rolling in the snow while everyone else is shivering and miserable. If your hands get cold, we’ve got some glove and pocket warmers for you as well.


  • Instant therapeutic heat (up to 54oC) in just 15 seconds – no microwave required
  • Great for massage, pain relief, reducing muscle tension or just for staying warm
  • Stays warm for up to 60 minutes, reusable again and again
  • Straps to your lower back using the pouch provided, leaves your hands free
  • Safe and non-toxic liquid, phthalate-free plastic, environmentally friendly
  • Size: 15 x 6.5 x 0.5 inches, 2.2 lbs (38 x 16 x 1.5 cm, 1kg)

More Information About Kwikheat Warmers

Kwikheat instant reusable heat packs are the ultimate heating solution for relief from pain, stress, stiffness, cramps and the cold. With no microwave required, they’re ideal for when you’re on the move, in the office or at home. These incredible heat packs can be used over and over again. Just click the floating metal disc and watch as the liquid crystallizes before your eyes. Within seconds the heat pack will heat up to around 54oC. Because it will always go to this temperature, you never have to worry about it getting too hot or not hot enough. It will stay warm for up to 60 minutes, which is around the recommended time for heat therapy anyway. Keeping it in the pouch or insulated under clothes will help it stay warmer for longer.

The heat pack is ‘recharged’ by boiling it in water for 2-10 minutes until all of the crystals melt back into a liquid again. You can use a pan or a rice cooker. The activation and recharging of the heat pack can be repeated for well over a hundred times. Medical studies show that heat therapy is effective for pain relief and helps to promote relaxation and reduce stress. It has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to enhance the natural recovery process. Heat therapy also increases blood flow, which relaxes stiff or sore muscles and provides soothing comfort. It is an ideal treatment for chronic pain, arthritis and cramps. Kwikheat heat packs are the next generation of heat therapy evolving from hot water bottles and traditional microwaveable heat packs. We offer several designs to soothe different parts of the body: neck & shoulders, back, joints, abdomen, hands and feet. Treat yourself to the cosy warmth of our Kwikheat heat packs, because you deserve it!

Approvals - CE Marked.

ZMPCAB027000.10 Kwikheat Presentation from PainEzee


ZMPCAB027000.07.01 Kwikheat Instant Reusable Heat Packs
ZMPCAB027000.07.02 Kwikheat Boiling Video

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  •  Commercial

Q. Where can I buy Kwikheat warmers?

A. Currently, Kwikheat Warmers are easiest to buy online. You can buy on

Q. How can I become a distributor?

A. All interested distributors are welcome to email us at

  • Product Features and Usage

Q. How long will my heatpack last?

A. Depending on the size of the heat pack and the ambient room temperature, the Kwikheat Warmers® will remain hot from 30 minutes up to 90 minutes if well insulated. Typically, physiotherapists recommend heat therapy for 30-40 minutes.

Q. Do I have to use the pouch?

A. You don’t have to use the pouch, but the pouch really helps to keep your hands free. We would highly recommend it!

Q. Do I have to use the boiling bag?

A. The life of your Kwikheat Warmer® increases substantially if you take good care of it while boiling. You might need to use a towel or cloth to wrap around it before boiling. The boiling bag does exactly that, and its way safer and easier than using a towel. Save your towels for drying your wet hands!

Q. Can I recycle the heatpack and its packaging?

A. Yes you can. All the material used to make a Kwikheat Warmer® is either recycled or recyclable.

Q. How does the heatpack work?

A. Kwikheat Warmers® provides targeted relief of joint and muscle aches and pains through a unique fusion of ergonomic design and heat therapy science. The non-toxic and reusable solution generates instant heat up to a temperature of 129F/54C - a clinically proven therapeutic heat also called perfect heat. The ergonomic shape of the Kwikheat Warmers® combined with up to 45 minutes of intense heat provide the necessary ideal conditions for heat therapy benefits to take effect.

Q. Can I put the heat pack in the fridge or freezer?

A. Yes, you can. Ideally, put it in the fridge to use it as a cold pack. The pack can remain in the refrigerator for an unlimited length of time without causing any damage. We advise not to put them in the freezer though.

Q. I’ve lost the pouch – can I get a new one?

A. Usually you can’t buy a pouch on its own.

  • Safety

Q. Will the plastic melt when I boil it?

A. No, It most definitely will not. Our PVC is medical grade, and has been thoroughly tested, and boiled over and over again.

Q. I have a medical condition. Is it safe to use a heatpack?

A. It depends on what kind of medical condition you have. You should not use the heat packs if your physician has advised against the use of hot compress or heat therapy.

Q. Can babies, children, elderly people and pets use heat packs?

A. Everyone can use our Kwikheat Warmers®! They’re absolutely user friendly, although we recommend you to keep an eye on your children and pets to make sure they’re comfortable.

Q. Can I use the heat pack straight after boiling?

A. Once you remove the heat pack from boiling water, it will be extremely hot, and certainly not usable directly on the body. You could wrap it in a cloth and apply on your body if you need some immediate heat, but you can’t click the heat pack until it comes back to room temperature.

Q. The heat pack feels too hot for me.

A. Usually, the heat pack is the perfect temperature to use directly on the skin. But if you find the heat pack too hot for you, we would suggest you use the pouch, or use the heat pack over a piece of cloth.

Q. I get a rash when I use the heat pack directly on my skin

A. Some redness is normal, since you’re increasing your blood circulation through heat therapy. Although, if the redness persists as a rash, discontinue use and consult your physician.

Q. Is the liquid inside the heat pack safe?

A. The liquid inside is a salt called “sodium acetate”. It’s a non-toxic food grade salt, which is commonly used in salt and vinegar flavored crisps. It’s completely safe to use, and poses no harm even if it leaks.

Q. Can I heat the heat pack in a microwave?

A. Well, although we would suggest against it, coz we’re not fans of microwaves. You can boil your heat pack in a microwave. You have to make sure the heat pack is immersed in the water in the microwave-safe dish at all times, and keep checking every 3-4 minutes to see whether the heat pack has returned back to liquid state.

Q. Is it safe to use more than one heatpack at the same time?

A. Our heat packs bring warm heat to all parts of your body. You can use as many as comfortable, indulge yourself in the relaxing warmth, and say goodbye to your aches and pains.

Q. Is the heat pack sterile?

A. Yes, the beauty of the boiling concept of our heat packs is that it recharges the heat pack for its next use, as well as sterilizes the heat pack.

Q. Can I get burns from a heatpack?

A. There is barely a chance of getting burnt while using our Kwikheat Warmers®, as they only heat up to approximately 50 Degrees Celsius. Although, if you have extra sensitive skin, you should test the heat pack on a small area of your skin before using, and use our pouch or a cloth to reduce the heat intensity.

  • Troubleshooting

Q. My heat pack won’t activate and get hot.

A. To activate, the heat pack, you need to flex the metal disc back and forward a few times until the liquid starts crystallizing. The shape of the metal disc is similar to a (eye) contact lens. You have to turn the metal disc inside out the same way you would do to a contact lens. You don’t have to bend or break the metal disc. It might take a few tries, but once you get a hang of it, it will activate on the first try almost every time.

Q. I can’t click the metal disc.

A. To activate, the heat pack, you need to flex the metal disc back and forward a few times until the liquid starts crystallizing. The shape of the metal disc is similar to a (eye) contact lens. You have to turn the metal disc inside out the same way you would do to a contact lens. You don’t have to bend or break the metal disc. It might take a few tries, but once you get a hang of it, it will activate on the first try almost every time.

Q. My heatpack won’t melt back to its liquid state.

A. More than likely, the heat pack wasn’t boiled long enough. Just boil it again for a little longer and you will see it gradually melting until the pack is completely clear and no crystals remain, then remove from water and allow to cool.

Q. My heatpack is a solid lump – what do I do now?

A. If it came to you in solid form, it is likely that it got activated by itself on its journey to you. Please boil it in water until it melts completely and returns to liquid state with no crystals remaining. Then it will be ready to use.

Q. My heatpack went solid again when it cooled down after boiling.

A. More than likely, the heat pack wasn’t boiled long enough. Just boil it again for a little longer and you will see it gradually melting until the pack is completely clear and no crystals remain, then remove from water and allow to cool. Make sure that no crystals remain. It self-activates on cooling if there is even a few crystals remaining.

Q. I pierced the heat pack and all this white stuff is coming out. What should I do?

A. Don’t worry, the liquid inside is harmless and completely non-toxic. Wash your hands, dispose of the heat pack and log on to to buy a replacement! Make sure you don’t pierce once again.

Q. My heatpack has stuck to the bottom of my pan and the plastic has burned.

A. We recommend all our dear Kwikheat Warmers® users to either use our Boiling Bags which have specifically been made to protect the heat packs and your pan, or to place the heat pack on a cloth in the boiling water. However, if the plastic has burned and the liquid is leaking, you will have to dispose of the heat pack. If there is no leak, you can continue using the heat pack, but do take extra care while boiling.

Q. The crystals all end up in one part of the heatpack when it crystalises

A. We recommend you to lay the Kwikheat Warmer® evenly on a flat surface, and make sure the liquid is spread out evenly before clicking the metal disc.


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